Certification Programs

Systems Health® STUDENT Program

Premier Program Online Edition (SHCP02)

Systems Health® STUDENT Program provides you the principles to understand the fundamental nature of all systems. The program is designed for anyone, regardless of your educational level, background, or profession. You will learn the five principles of all basic systems, and the nine principles of all intelligent systems, and the commonality of those principles in modern engineering systems and systems of medicine practiced over 5,000 years ago. You will also be provided access to Your Body, Your System® – an online “laboratory” that allows you to explore these principles within your own body. Once you complete the courses, you are also eligible to take an exam and get certified as a Systems Revolutionary and get connected to other pioneers like yourself across the world who are committed to Truth Freedom Health.

Systems Health® EDUCATOR Program

Premier Program Online Edition (SHCP01)

Systems Health® EDUCATOR Program provides you a platform, content, and tools to operate your own Systems Health University through the Systems Health Educator Portal, once you have successfully completed the courses and passed the exam. The Portal allows you to run Systems Health workshops, provides upto 20 others to access Your Body, Your System tool, onboard others into the Systems Health STUDENT Program as well as the Systems Health EDUCATOR Program. The program’s educational content includes all the material in the Systems Health STUDENT Program. In addition, you will be provided additional educational tools to recruit students and educators to the Systems Health programs. This program is designed for those who seek to be leaders in their communities to Learn, Teach, and Serve by sharing the principles that lead to Truth Freedom Health.

Systems Health® Additional Certification Programs

Systems Medicine Online Edition (SHCP03)

Systems Medicine is designed for the practitioner in mind who wants to incorporate herbs as a part of their treatment plans.

Systems Care Online Edition (SHCP04)

Systems Care is designed for the individual who wants to understand the integrative scientific principles that govern lifestyle practices.

Systems Health® Onsite Workshop: Your System, Your Life™

Learn from the MIT engineer who invented email the proven system to achieve ANY goal in life – from growing an organization to managing stress to making money.