Foundations of Systems Health Course 4

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The “Rosetta Stone” of Eastern and Western Medicine

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Learning Objectives of this Lecture

The key takeaways from this lecture are:
1. The fundamentals of systems theory are the foundations of ancient systems of medicine: Siddha, Ayurveda and TCM
2. Ancient yogis and wise sages were consummate system scientists who discovered systems theory and created a language, which while perhaps foreign to us in the West, has direct correlations to modern systems theory
3. Traditional systems of medicine recognized that body was an intelligent engineering system, based on the core elements of transport, conversion, and storage; and if given opportunity to sense itself, could be intelligent by executing its natural feedback mechanism to achieve the goal of optimal health

For Medical and Health Practitioners, Use the Concepts of this Lecture to:

1. Doctors can explain Siddha and Ayurveda to their patients confidently because the knowledge of the ancients is based on modern science
2. The doctors can now integrate the concept of someone’s inner nature with modern systems biology to make medicine more personalized.
3. When patients ask about Chinese or Indian medicine, doctors can now explain to them the systems basis of each of these ancient forms of medicine through one common language.