Foundations of Systems Health Course 5

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Your Body, Your System™ Online Tool


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Learning Objectives of this Lecture

1. Your Body, Your System™ is an easy-to-use tool to understand your natural system state
2. Use Your Body, Your System™ to understand deviations from your natural system state
3. Your Body, Your System™ can help you understand what inputs (foods, supplements, activities) you can use on a daily basis to bring you back to your natural system state

For Medical and Health Practitioners, Use the Concepts of this Lecture to:

1. Educate your patients that their bodies have an optimal state at which their bodies function at optimal levels
2. Employ a powerful diagnostic tool to assess your patient’s system state employing modern systems theory with ancient systems of identifying body constitution
3. Educate yourself as well as your patients to realize the importance of how external and internal inputs can affect our states of optimal health


Use Your Body, Your System™ tool to find out your Natural Systems State. Do a ‘Daily Checkup’ to find out your Current System State and get recommendations to bring your body back to its Natural Systems State.

  • Go to Your Body, Your System™ (alternative link here).
  • Log in with the same username and password that you use for Systems Health™.
  • Find out your Natural System State, Current System State and the Program to bring your body back to its Natural Systems State.