Foundations of Systems Health – Lecture II

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Fundamentals of Systems Theory

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Key Learning Objectives

The key principles of all systems are:
1. Transport, Conversion, Storage
2. Intelligent systems are feedback control systems
3. Intelligence occurs when:
—-Clear goals are set
—-Monitoring and sensing of the the output occurs
—-Constant adjustment of the input

How this Lecture Will Help You With Your Patients:

1. Realize the importance of setting clear goals with, and for your patients
2. Understand why they need ways to monitor and observe results, such as:
—-Food/exercise diary
—-Measurement, tracking and diagnostic tools
—-Regular checkups: self-examinations, doctor visits
3. Realize why awareness practices are important for their inner “sensors”
—-These inner “sensor” allow us the patient’s body to unleash its own intelligence
—-Sensors are key for the body to attain its natural state of well-being
4. Impress on them, the value of constant adjustments


For your homework, you are expected to complete the following
(1) List 5 different systems, and for each system write down what are the Transport, Conversion and Storage elements of each system.
(2) Read the following article:

  1. Ayyadurai, VA Shiva (2012). “Systems: The Basis of All Life”. Chapter from Systems Health: The Revolution in Medicine. VA Shiva Press.