Systems Health® EDUCATOR Program

 Systems Health® EDUCATOR Program provides you a platform, content, and tools to operate your own Systems Health University through the Systems Health Educator Portal, once you have successfully completed the courses and passed the exam. The Portal allows you to run Systems Health workshops, provides upto 20 others to access Your Body, Your System tool, onboard others into the Systems Health STUDENT Program as well as the Systems Health EDUCATOR Program. The program’s educational content includes all the material in the Systems Health STUDENT Program. In addition, you will be provided additional educational tools to recruit students and educators to the Systems Health programs. This program is designed for those who seek to be leaders in their communities to Learn, Teach, and Serve by sharing the principles that lead to Truth Freedom Health.

Courses Required for Certification

Becoming a Systems Health Educator

In order to get certified as a Systems Health Educator, two things are required:
In order to get certified via this program, you must
  1. You must complete the courses listed above, and
  2. Complete an online exam successfully. You will be allowed to attempt the Certification Exam only once; if you wish to take the exam another time, you will have to request for approval.
Once you are certified as a Systems Health Educator, you will have full, unlimited access to the Systems Health Educators Portal as described above that provides you the gateway to starting your own business and practice as a Systems Health Educator.

Systems Health Educators Portal

Systems Health Educators Portal is a complete online platform for enabling a Systems Health Educator to educate and manage other students and customers. Once you are certified as a Systems Health Educator, you will have full and unlimited access to use the Systems Health Educators Portal. Using the portal you can start your own Systems Health educational business. This means you can educate others on the Systems Health approach to understanding the body as a system and charge fees for your consultation and education. Thus, this portal will not only allow you to track your students but also help you to generate revenue from such education by including full billing and credit card processing capabilities.