First Email to Potential Student

New Client First Email to Potential Student

Subject: Systems Health Personal Education

Dear First Name,

It was great meeting you. As I shared with you, I’m very excited about providing a “systems” approach to health.  For far too long, we’ve all been told to try this diet or that diet to get us track and “feel good.”  While some of them may be valuable for some people at some time — diets do not provide us with a way, for us to truly understand our body as a unique system, and what inputs we need in a dynamic and changing world.

 I would like to educate you on systems — how your body is a system — how everything in the world is a system.  Most importantly, my goal is to educate you, using your own body as a “laboratory,” to understand how the universal principles of systems operate within you.

 As a Certified Systems Health® Educator, I am trained to use the Your Body, Your System® technology to take you through a three-step process, for you to achieve a systems understanding of yourself.  Why is this important?   Because, this will result in your having a profound understanding of yourself and everything, from a universal systems approach, that has been tried and tested over 5,000 years from the sages of the East as well as from the modern science of systems theory in the West.

 I’d really like to setup time to educate you with Your Body, Your System®.  We will follow these steps in that education:

STEP 1: Know What Kind of System YOU Are

By answering a critical set of questions, you will get a visual display of what kind of system you are, relative to the forces of Transport, Conversion and Storage that are unique to YOU — known as the Natural System State — the goal or place your system likes to be at.

STEP 2: Know When You Are “Off Course”

By answering a different set of questions, and incorporating other variables such as your current location (New York, Mumbai, Sydney, etc.), the current weather, Your Body, Your System® will track how much you are off course from your goal — the Natural Systems State.

STEP 3: Adjusting Inputs to Your System to Get You Back on Track – Food, Exercise and Activities

Based on how much you are off course that Natural Systems State, I can educate you to understand how the inputs to your body, your system, can help you get back to (or away from) your Natural Systems State.  The report I will provide you, will serve as an education tool to understand how inputs such as food, activities, and exercise, can adjust your body, your system to get you back to your Natural System State – your goal.

Please note, this is not a medical or diagnostic tool.  This is an educational tool for you to realize the systems nature of your body.  You should consult a qualified medical practitioner before you start any food or diet program.

 I look forward to educating you on this exciting new way to appreciate your body as a system. Kindly let me know what time works you to do a session.

Warm regards,

Your Name here

Systems Health® Certified Educator


Current Client First Email to Potential Student

Subject: Systems Health Personal Education

Hello First Name,

I was at a wonderful workshop with Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai.

He’s a brilliant man, with 4 degrees from MIT. At age 14, he invented e-mail. His grandmother was a share-cropper farmer in India, working long hours to get by. At the same time, she was a healer applying native traditions passed down in her family for over 5000 years.

He taught us about the nature of systems. Just about everything can be conceptualized in terms of systems theory, and he helped us, as participants to do so.

Basically, every system consists of Input, Transport, Conversion or Transformation, Storage and Output.

Dr. Shiva has developed a software application that allows us to analyze your unique system’s set point – where it prefers to balance these elements – particularly Transport, Conversion, and Storage.

Once your natural balance point is determined, the software allows us to see what elements may be resulting in an imbalance.

And finally, the program generates a list of recommendations to restore balance.

Two points he emphasized made so much sense to me! The first is that everybody is a unique system, thus no one solution or prescription fits everybody’s needs. And further, working with our own unique systems is not about reaching perfection, but rather realizing that we will constantly need to make small adjustments because such inputs as season, weather, emotional state, activity and stress levels are always fluctuating.

Warm regards,

Your Name here

Systems Health® Certified Educator