“It was invigorating to hear, see, and read some of the core Ayurvedic principles integrated with systems of biomedical medicine. This is such terrific work.”
-N.B., Medical Doctor and US Army Colonel
“This is excellent! These sessions are cross-disciplinary and encourage perspectives from social, historical, cultural, clinical, and basic sciences.”
-A.A., M.D., and Ph.D. and Harvard Medical Researcher
“Dr. Shiva’s courses are revolutionary. He has bridged the worlds of East and West making it easy for anyone to understand scientifically the basis of both Siddha and Ayurveda, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine.”
-S.S., Neuroscientist, MIT and Tsinghua University
“Shiva’s ability to simplify powerful concepts and make it understandable has really allowed me to educate my students on the scientific basis of Yoga that I knew intuitively.”
-J.G.., Yoga Teacher
“Enlightening and stimulating, to say the least. The quality of lectures was impressive. Dr. V.A. Shiva’s course demonstrated how scientifically investigating, digitizing, and analyzing ancient Indian and Chinese medical knowledge could help elucidate the complex systems linkages.”
-N.W., Medical Student, Dartmouth