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Melissa Chretien

Systems Revolutionary Educator

Central Coastal Maine

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1-Day Teacher Training
and Certification Workshop with
Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai

Date: February 18, 2017 Place: 701 Concord Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138Register




Introduction to Systems Health with Melissa Chretien

Date: TBD Place: TBD


Systems Health Courses

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Certification Programs

Foundations of Systems Health (SHCP01)

Foundations of Systems Health course provides the scientific foundation to realize that the first systems biology existed nearly 5,000 years ago, and by appreciating this knowledge one can confidently embrace and integrate knowledge across both systems of medicine: ancient and modern into their practices.

Systems Biology (SHCP02)

Systems Biology is designed for those who want an in depth understanding of the core scientific principles that bridge ancient systems of medicine with modern systems biology.

Systems Medicine (SHCP03)

Systems Medicine is designed for the practitioner in mind who wants to incorporate herbs as a part of their treatment plans.

Systems Care (SHCP04)

Systems Care is designed for the individual who wants to understand the integrative scientific principles that govern lifestyle practices.