Special Lectures

VA SHIVA SYSTEMS HEALTH™, a three-part online course, provides the foundations of integrative medicine to medical doctors and complementary medical practitioners that seek scientific principles and evidence-based research.

It was invigorating to hear, see, and read some of core Ayurvedic principles integrated with systems of biomedical medicine.This is such terrific work. This is excellent! These sessions are cross-disciplinary and encourage perspectives from social, historical, cultural, clinical, and basic sciences. Shiva’s ability to simplify powerful concepts and make it understandable has really allowed me to educate my students on the scientific basis of Yoga that I knew intuitively.
      – N.B., Medical Doctor and US Army Colonel     – A.A., M.D., Ph.D. and Harvard Medical Researcher       – J.G., Yoga Teacher

About Systems Health™

VA SHIVA SYSTEMS HEALTH™, created by Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai, is a revolutionary educational program bridging eastern and western systems of medicine that aims to educate Medical Doctors and healthcare/holistic practitioners in the foundation of systems theory as a basis for all systems of medicine – east and west, scientific and traditional, ancient and modern. Offered through a partnership with the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, the Systems Health™ educational program consists of three courses: Systems Biology, Systems Medicine, Systems Care.

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About Dr. VA Shiva

Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai is a renowned systems scientist and computational systems biology expert. He teaches Systems Visualization, a pioneering new course at MIT, and is Founder of the International Center for Integrative Systems.He is the creator of  EchoMail and CytoSolve – two large scale enterprise systems for media and medicine respectively. He is passionate about integrating both Eastern and Western systems of medicine to create a new convergent medicine that is fully consistent with the scientific method.

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